Why Mr Organic ?

Mr Organic is not just about food which is free from pesticides and harmful hormones. ?It is mostly about creating an honest and sustainable ethic and living environment that reflects throughout the whole food production process and helps to create a healthier world. 

Reasons to feel positive about our food!


Mr Organic food is:

  Free from pesticides, harmful hormones or funny business

  Traceable back to the fields where it was grown

  Processed within 5 hours of harvesting

  Free from additives and unnecessary sugar or salt

  Never wasted

  Better for you and for our planet

  Honest, Good & Tasty!



We do this by:

  Building long lasting, fair and healthy relationships with our farmers

  Having our own sustainable tomato production base next to our farms in Pontinia, South of Rome

  Creating research material to encourage, support and develop organic farming

  Keeping carbon emission to the minimum

  Donating our food to those in need

  Taking a positive approach in each and every stage of our food production




It’s a given that Mr Organic says “No way” to pesticides and harmful hormones.

But he’s not just a one trick pony. With Mr Organic, you’re not simply buying delicious, wholesome food; even more importantly, you’re buying into an achievable ideal: to create an honest, positive and sustainable food production ethic, ultimately leading to a healthier, happier world!

At Mr Organic we’re working really hard to achieve this by taking care of each and every stage of food production, from the seed to the shelf and beyond. This is what makes Mr Organic special.

We do this by building long lasting and healthy relationships with our farmers. In many cases we help them to convert their land to organic and we pre-finance their crops.

Having our own sustainable tomato production base next to our farms in Italy means that we can track each tomato back to the field in which it was grown and, when it comes to selecting our products, we make sure that only the best goes inside our jars and tins. To top it off, our tomatoes are always processed within a few hours of harvest, keeping their flavour and freshness intact and, of course, they are free from added salt or sugar.

Our involvement with food doesn't end there. We have recently teamed up with the University of La Tuscia and established a research centre that develops freely available protocols covering organic, environmental and farming practices.

We work hard to ensure that our food benefits everyone involved, from the farmer to the consumer, and it's important to us that none of it goes to waste. This is why we work with local charities and donate to those in need.

At Mr Organic, we believe that good, honest food is possible with a positive approach to every stage of its production.





Check out the list of stockists, buy it, taste it & let us know what you think!

We would love to hear from you and to hear what you think of Mr Organic, we will respond to as many as possible.


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