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Mr Organic is our people! A wonderful team that shares the same organic values and an endless passion for good, honest food. Meet the dream team! 


The original Mr Organic himself: Valerio believes that doing good each day is the key to finding happiness. Making up three generations of Italian tomato producers, Valerio produces all of Mr Organic’s delicious tomato products from our award-winning ketchups to pasta sauces.

Organic means: A way of living.

Favourite Product: Healthier Choice Basilico Pasta Sauce


Being part both the Sales team and the Marketing team, Megan is the heart of Mr Organic and always knows everything that's going on. As a Stoke Newington resident, Megan loves to be out and about with friends at gigs, festivals and enjoying all the plant-based goodness East London has to offer!

Organic means: How things should be.

Favourite Product: Garlic chilli pesto. 🙂


The person on whom we all depend! Raks lives life to the fullest; always trying to find the best in people and taking a heartfelt approach to anything that comes his way. A keen camper and outdoors man, it’s the simple things which make him happy. With a real spring in his step and glint in his eye, he’s determined to moving Mr Organic on to bigger and better things.

Organic means: Simplicity.

Favourite Product: A big bowl of Fusilli with Olives & Capers sauce...perfection!


The newest member of our team, our marketing executive Annachiara is our resident animal lover and has already brought several of her furry friends into the office to meet us – much to the teams delight! Annachiara comes from a family of amazing cooks and loves nothing more than carrying on the tradition by cooking for others.

Organic means: Balance.

Favourite Product: Chocolate spread mixed with some coconut based yoghurt <3


After a few years of working in purchasing, Fede seems to have found her path in the food industry and being a foodie herself, she couldn’t be happier! Fede loves a cook (and she’s pretty good at it too!) and can’t turn down a bit of karaoke. So on a Friday night you’re sure to find her having dinner with her friends, followed by a good Gin and Tonic and cheesy sing along! We can’t wait for her to host the team.

Organic means: The language nature speaks.

Favourite Product: Tomato and Onion Bruschetta on Flatbread has to be a winner!


Fiona adores tasty good food and loves to dance to the rhythm of rock and roll music. Fiona also collects vinyl and has a passion for all forms of art. She also enjoys catching up with her friends at the weekend when she’s taken time out from having fun with numbers!

Organic means: Bringing happiness to your body.

Favourite Product: Gnocchi! I love it.


Maddie is our always smiling brand manager at Mr Organic. Maddie just moved to East London with Viola, her Vespa! She loves strolling around looking for the best cafes to tap on her love for coffee, usually with a Mr Organic biscuit on the side. Maddie’s favourite thing is to travel and discover new cultures - and sample all the delicious food along the way!

Organic means: Harmony with the planet.

Favourite Product: Our baked beans with vegan cheese on crumpets.


A little bundle of joy, our resident yogi, Hannah, brings a smile on everyone’s face. Being our supply chain manager she looks after all Mr Organic orders and does all this with a lot of kindness and fun. She loves to eat out, preferably at a nice, vegan place, go for yoga and stroke the cats of Islington.

Organic means: Organic = Life

Favourite Product: Italian Red Chili and Ginger salsa!


Our sales superstar Becky helps make sure our products are on as many shelves as possible! A keen baker, Becky keeps our office well supplied with treats and can be found rock climbing or hanging out in comedy clubs in her spare time. Becky is our resident linguist and can say ‘is it Organic?’ in 4 different languages.

Organic means: Tastier and fresher food that’s good for the planet.

Favourite Product: Dark chocolate spread with sea salt on top.


As our operations manager, Kelly is the glue that holds our team together and ensures everything runs smoothly. As a passionate Organic foodie, Kelly loves to cook for her whole family – their current favourite is an aubergine lasagna. When she’s not cooking Kelly is looking after her cat Bean (we are big fans of the name).

Organic means: Natural and the way we should be eating.

Favourite Product: That’s like having to choose my favourite child! Currently, it’s the roasted garlic pasta sauce.


Our magnificent chef! Andrea is a master in the kitchen and creates the recipes for our tomato based products, mayos and pestos.

Organic means: Good health & good taste

Favourite Product: Healthier Choice Basilico Pasta Sauce


Our very own Mr Bean! Master of all things beans, Giovanni takes care of our bean products. From bean to tin he follows the whole process of the beans from carefully selecting each bean to ensuring the highest quality recipes.

Organic means: Organic Means Beans!

Favourite Product: Our secret recipe Baked Beans


Mr Quality! Based in Italy at our production Daniel ensures that our tomato based products are created to our highest Mr Organic standards.

Organic means: High quality products respecting the environment.

Favourite Product: No Added Sugar Ketchup! Since its first production, I always have one in my pantry (or, after opening, in the fridge of course ;))


Production expert Bettina knows everything that’s going on. Having worked with Valerio for a few years she knows the company inside out and helps with anything and everything that she can!

Organic means: Respecting nature and giving a healthy education to our kids, who are our future

Favourite Product: Olive & Capers Sauce


The wonderful Kripa is behind the beautiful and smart Instagram and Youtube account, 15min-mom. She is a qualified food chemist creating delicious & nutritious food recipes which are perfect inspirations when you running short on time and ideas! Check out both of her Instagram account and Youtube channel!

Favourite Product: My favourite Mr Organic product is the rapeseed oil. I use it for all my cooking and no other brand matches up to it.

Alchemy Eats

The colourful and exciting account of Alchemy eats is perfect if you looking for experimental, yummy and healthy foods. They focusing on nutrient dense ingredients, especially the following key elements: Apple Cider Vinegar, Beetroot, Matcha, Turmeric, Spirulina, Cacao and Ginger. Check out their Instagram here and their recipes on their website!

Favourite Product: Cacao biscuits - love at first bite!


Aman is a young lady with a mission: to share delicious, super easy recipes that she creates with love and passion. Her motto is: ‘why eat out when you can make it better at home?’ She shares our passion for using organic, traceable ingredients in every meal. Her mouthwatering Insta and website are great inspirations for speedy, yummy recipes.

Organic means: High quality products respecting the environment.

Favourite Product: No Added Sugar Ketchup! Since its first production, I always have one in my pantry (or, after opening, in the fridge of course ;))

Fruits and routes

The lovely Emma is passionate about running and cooking. She knows how to fuel her body with simple, yummy, beautiful looking meals. Her dishes are easy to make and even easier to love. Have a look on her Instagram but be careful: it will make you hungry!

Favourite Product: Favourite Mr Organic product: at the moment, it has to be the cocoa biscuits!


The wonderful, ever-creative Georgie, who’s account just makes us want to cook and eat all the time. Georgie loves fitness, dancing, cooking and she is just a ‘all-round happy gal’. Her mission is to show the world that eating healthy, wholesome food is simple, affordable and never has to be boring. Check out her Instagram and website for yummy recipes.

Favourite Product: All the pestos! Especially the basil pesto. It's vegan and so delicious!


Frankie is the perfect example that you can live a restricted diet without compromising the flavour. Her account is full of yummy recipes and meals which are all suitable for people suffering from coeliac or allergic to lactose, soya, and eggs. Check out her Instagram for inspiration!

Favourite Product: My favourite Mr Organic product would have to be either the grilled pepper or aubergine stir in sauces, purely because they're unique and I've yet to find something similar.


Francesca is here to share some fantastic recipes, (not just) for busy Mums! Speedy, healthy, yummy meals with an Italian twist. Her exciting, colourful food pictures are making us droll each time we check her account. Check out her Instagram and her website if you need some inspiration for dinner!

Favourite Product: My favourite Mr Organic products are the organic apple cider vinegar with turmeric & cinnamon & the organic Italian coconut & turmeric tomato salsa. I use them both a lot in my recipes

Mimi’s Bowl

Miriam is the founder of Mimi’s Bowl. She cooks modern baby and toddler recipes from her home in West London. She is mum to her 5 year old little girl and 1 year old baby boy. Miriam blogs and posts daily about what they eat at home. She shares her honest experiences of cooking at home for her family; whilst offering parent cooking hacks and recipes. Her mission is to end “babyfood panic”, an anxiety about how to feed your baby and what to feed your baby. Check out her website and her Instagram for some beautiful, inspiring images!

Favourite Product: Extra virgin olive oil and passata Rustica - so diverse and can be used in any dish!


A conscious foodie and mother of two developing simple, easy-to-follow vegan recipes which thicks all the boxes: beautiful looks, amazing taste and full of goodness. As with her own words, choosing from over 250,000 different varieties of edible plants it is very inspiring and liberating when it comes to cooking. You can pick your favourite recipe from her Instagram and her website.

Favourite Product: My favourite product is your Italian chopped tomatoes, rich and flavorsome they are my pantry staple. Also any of your wholewheat pasta and the sundried tomatoes with capers and herb oil are pretty delicious.

Nourish Flourish Nutrition

Through her qualifications and personal experience, Neleta developed a very in-depth approach to food. She creates wonderful recipes, which are also nourishing both body and soul. Whichever recipe you choose from her beautiful Instagram or website you can be sure it helps your body & mind to flourish.

Favourite Product: The Sundried tomatoes which I love to add to my delicious pesto flatbread pizza, salads and simply straight from the jar. My son absolutely loves the jars of bruschetta topping added to some sourdough!

Plant-based May

Inspiring, colourful, healthy, yummy bowls of food. All the meals cooked by May is mouth-wateringly good looking, a proof that healthy, yummy food can be the centre of any table for any occasion. Just look at these pictures!

Favourite Product: I can't possibly choose my favourite Mr Organic product 🙂 - I love the versatility of the legume rices, all of the pestos are my absolute staples and the chocolate spread is also drool-worthy!! 🙂


Despite her young age, Lucy already doing big things: cooking and baking amazing vegan food to inspire more people to give a chance to veganism and keep the planet healthy and happy. She has endless energy and when she is not in the kitchen, she is enjoying nature with her lovely dog, Misty. Pick your next recipe either from her website or from her Insta!

Favourite Product: Mr organic products make it so easy for anyone to jump straight into a plant based diet, and that's why it's so important! My fave savory product is probably the amazing basil pesto, but the hazelnut chocolate spread is a dream in a jar!

Wholefood warrior

Knowledgeable, very kind, super creative and all-around helpful: that is Eva, who is behind the Wholefood Warrior account and website. Creating delicious recipes is only one, but a very big part of her life. She is on a mission to help and encourage everyone to improve their health and wellbeing by fuelling their body with the right food. To see & read more about her work check out her Instagram and website!

Favourite Product: Passata - so versatile

Wholefood warrior

Alessandra has a strong passion for having a healthy lifestyle, which she picked up after going on a detox retreat in 2011. After the retreat, she changed her eating habits and found ways to follow a lifestyle that is completely plant-based. She writes a lot of delicious vegan recipes, has a blog about cruelty-free and natural beauty products, and writes about what it is like to follow a plant-based lifestyle. She hopes to inspire others with her work which can be found on her Instagram and website.

Favourite Product: I love the ketchup - a staple that is always in stock in kitchen. The grilled aubergine sauce is amazing, as is the pesto, and parmigiana sauce

Nourishing Amy

Amy is a plant-based recipe developer, food blogger, content creator, and food stylist. She has a strong love for vegan food, and focuses on nourishing the body from the inside out. Her food and lifestyle philosophy is based on listening to your body and eating mindfully. She has recently released an Ebook, which contains a variety of delicious vegan recipes that are also suitable for those who follow a gluten-free diet. Her gorgeous images can be seen on her Instagram and all of her amazing plant-based recipes are available on her website.

Favourite Product: My favourite product is the Italian Red Pepper Pesto as I love the strong and rich flavour.

Plant Steph

Steph loves to cook, bake and eat vegan food. Her strong passion for food has led her to study nutrition at university. When she is not studying, Steph can be found with a cup of coffee, writing her own vegan recipes. Her positive attitude and excitement for food can be seen through her work. Steph’s amazing photos of her creations always looks fantastic, and make us hungry every time we see her pictures. To see all of Steph’s mouth-watering photographs, view her Instagram here. All of her vegan recipes can be seen on her website.

Favourite Product: My current favourite product is the chickpea rice, it makes a great alternative to a tofu Asian fried rice dish or is perfect for a vegetable paella!

Romy from RomyLondon

Our beloved Romy maybe not working with the office anymore, but she is part of the Mr Organic family as our freelancer social media wizard! If you want to see more of her own content, check out the following link: Instagram

Favourite Product: The Dairy Free Coconut and Hazelnut Spread - on anything!

Sarah from Sarah Kirby Blog

Sarah runs a lovely plant-based blog under the name ‘Sarah Kirby Blog’ previously known as The V Nice Life. If she’s not blogging about food, she also writes posts about interior design, minimalism & mental health. Follow Sarah here: BlogInstagramTwitter

Favourite Product: Roasted Garlic Pasta Sauce - so yummy!

Margherita from It’s Always Margi

Margherita is a dancer, artist, eating disorder recovery blogger and a mental health warrior. Margherita’s ultimate objective is to spread positivity and happiness and encourage everyone to welcome back their zest for life. Follow Margherita here: InstagramBlog

Favourite Product: My favourite product just has to be the incredible, Italian basil pesto! Being half Italian myself and my diet consisting of lots of pasta means that both myself and my family are eternally hooked on this!

Niki from NikiBakesUK

Niki has been blogging for over 10 years and has a passion for gluten free and dairy free recipes. She’s a Persian chef who loves all things spice and particularly enjoys Asian and South American cuisine. She’s always on the lookout for fresh and delicious flavour combinations and uses our ingredients daily in her cooking and on her blog.   Follow Niki here: InstagramWebsite

Favourite Product: My favourite organic product to date is the Mr Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Turmeric & Cinnamon 250ml - SO warming for autumn and I cant get enough of it on my salad!

Nancy from Superfood Scrumptious

Currently working as a London based fashion model and spending her free time learning about plant-based nutrition, finding new & natural vegan products & food companies and writing about her discoveries on Superfood Scrumptious. Follow Nancy here: WebsiteInstagramTwitter

Favourite Product: My favourite Mr Organic product has to be the chilli ketchup! Cannot be beaten for dipping you sweet potato fries in!

Aaron from Aaroncaldervegan

Vegan food/thoughts blogger – always proving going vegan doesn’t mean going without. Follow Aaron here: WebsiteInstagramYoutubeTwitter

Favourite Product: My favourite Mr Organic product has to be egg free mayo. I love it in my burger, with potato wedges, in a sandwich and I use it as the base to make a puff pastry tart. I always have a jar or two in the fridge.

Plant Based Piglet

All things Vegan, Travel & Nature! Make sure to follow her to find out about the newest exiting, vegan products! Follow Plantbased Piglet here: WebsiteInstagram

Favourite Product: My favourite is the chocolate spread! It is so delicious and can be used to cook with or be slathered accross bread for a yummy snack!

Jessica from JessBeautician

Jess is a professional beauty therapist sharing tutorials, treatments, reviews on her Youtube channels in addition to plenty of yummy plant-based recipes. Follow Jessica here: Youtube

Favourite Product: There will always be a jar of the Tomato & Olive Add-in Sauce in my kitchen cupboard! It's so versatile - I put it on pizzas, stir it through spaghetti and spread it in sandwiches!

Lucy from Littleluxuryfoods

With her dairy- and gluten-free blog Littleluxuryfoods Lucy is all about that dark chocolate spread – who doesn’t like a good spoonful of chocolate?! (or two…) Follow Lucy here: InstagramWebsite

Favourite Product: Dark Chocolate spread for sure, can easily finish a whole jar in one sitting...

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